You are here: Simmaron ResearchAudio/VideoPatient Bob Miller Skydives to Raise Funds for Simmaron!

Patient Bob Miller Skydives to Raise Funds for Simmaron!

Taking Fundraising for ME/CFS Research to New Heights!

ME/CFS Patient Robert Miller and Research Coordinator Gunnar Gottschalk PARACHUTE from 13,000 feet to raise funds for Simmaron Research!  Simmaron has 2 new studies to help Scientifically Redefine ME/CFS, so Bob and Gunnar took to the skies on ME/CFS Awareness Day to inspire patients to invest in our science. Every amount helps!

Geronimo!!  Here goes Bob…

As Cort Johnson wrote before Bob jumped:

“Bob Miller can’t dance…he can’t run…he can’t even play baseball for ME/CFS – he’s not strong enough for that but he can fall, and May 12th, ME/CFS International Day, he’s going to fall a long way, very quickly, to raise money for ME/CFS research.”
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