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Simmaron’s Lucky Duck Donation

We have a great story from a Simmaron donor, and we hope you get a kick out of it.rubber-duck-sea

Incline Village, home to Simmaron Research, is also the site of a fantastic 4th of July celebration, with myriad festivities of all kinds for all ages. Fan favorite highlights are the annual the rubber duck races, offered by Incline Village Rotary, where (human) entrants can sponsor a traditional yellow rubber duck for $10 or splurge on a platinum duck for $100.  Then, a sea of rubber ducks race to win at a Lake Tahoe beach. The winning “pot” is divided between the Rotary Club for its charitable endeavors, and the duck’s sponsor.

This year’s winning platinum duck (as it happens, lucky duck #13), had been purchased by Dana Rieger.  When Dana signed up to participate at the Rotary table, she turned to her husband Steve and said, “my duck is going to win and I’m going to give the money to Simmaron!”

Simmaron's Lucky Duck!

Simmaron’s Lucky Duck!

Sure enough, her duck was victorious, and she contributed the $2200 winnings to support Simmaron’s efforts to scientifically redefine ME/CFS.   The Riegers are parents of a housebound ME/CFS son, a grateful patient of Dr. Peterson.  The family has been supporters of Simmaron over the last three years.

Simmaron Research is grateful for the ongoing support we have received from the Rieger family and many donors like them, who seek progress and answers for loved ones with ME/CFS. The lucky duck race is one way that Simmaron has become part of the fabric of our community, and we are honored – and amused – at how this donation made its way to world class research!SR_Donate_6.9.14_1

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One Comment

  • Lisa Freundlich

    September 29, 2016 at 9:19 pm - Reply

    Love it! Just ducky. All parents of kids with ME/CFS should apply to the MAKE A WISH FOUNDATION. The child can wish for a donation to the charity of their choice such as Simmaron Research. They make wishes for children with chronic illness, not just those with a fatal illness.

    Simmaron can use all the luck it can get!