April 1, 2018


Dr Scheibenbogen has identified what she believes is an autoimmune subset in ME/CFS

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  • Nikoli McCracken

    May 10, 2020 at 4:40 pm - Reply

    Years ago, back in the mid-80s, I was in a research project in UCLA. I was
    on an exercycle. First time, on room air. Minimum time on the bike, and the next
    day, I hurt like hell. One week later, same experiment, only this time I was on 100% oxygen
    Lasted 40 minutes, no pain later. I concluded that my muscles were not getting
    any oxygen! Then, I learned that one help for migraines was Niacin. A potent
    vasodilator! It worked, I even helped a Christian Scientist man get rid of his
    migraine with it! His religion did not object to vitamins or supplements for what
    body needed anyway.
    BTW, I hate this format! Too hard to stay within the field. I’ve been ill with
    ME?CFS/FMS since June 1981. Before that, I was an active person, scuba diving and
    going on mountain hikes, often. Loved to walk and run. Gave up most physical
    activity. “Graduated exercise’ was a disaster! Now I am 82 years old, and one
    good thing about this disease: apparently, it does not shortne your life span. \
    It also helps that I never did drink, smoke, do drugs or abuse my medicationls.