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Simmaron Research, Inc. is a Nevada-based nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing scientific research, potentially leading to the discovery of diagnostic markers and effective treatments that will ultimately improve the quality of life for people suffering from CFS/ME and related neuroimmune disorders.

What Makes Simmaron Different?

  • Our rich repository of biological samples and data records from over 1,000 CFS/ME patients.
  • Our collaboration with leading CFS/ME scientists around the world.

When most people hear the words “medical research,” they think of large government-funded studies, an academic institution or multi-million dollar clinical trials run by big pharmaceutical companies.  However, neither the government nor private industry will fund those large studies without first having evidence from smaller studies – pre-pilot and pilot investigations – demonstrating that a particular avenue of research is valid and worth pursuing.  The lack of those smaller studies is a significant deficit in CFS/ME research.

Simmaron Research is in a unique position to meet the need for those pre-pilot and pilot investigations.  We have access to a rich repository of biological samples and data records, representing more than 25 years of clinical research work, by virtue of our Scientific Advisory Board, which includes expert physician Daniel L. Peterson, MD.

These historical patient records provide a wealth of data and access to well-characterized CFS/ME patient groups.  By studying these records, trained scientific eyes will recognize patterns, traits and repeated levels of vital signs from which they can form hypotheses.  The hypotheses will then lead to pre-pilot and pilot investigations, which will result in published scientific papers – the seeds from which larger studies will grow.

Simmaron Research is planting the seeds of scientific research, which will be nurtured by a collaboration of world-renowned scientists in key fields, advancing the possibility for real answers toward our goals of improving the lives of people suffering from with CFS/ME and related neuroimmune disorders.

Simmaron’s Commitment to Collaboration

Medical research has a tendency to be compartmentalized.  Each discipline of medicine focuses on its own issues – immunologists study issues involving the immune system; virologists study viruses; geneticists study hereditary tendencies.  The problem is that the different disciplines often do not work together.  Because CFS/ME is a complicated illness that appears to involve multiple disciplines, cross-collaboration is essential.

Simmaron’s goal is to collaborate with leading scientists in four disciplines for which there is well-documented evidence of a connection with CFS/ME:

  • Immunology
  • Virology
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Genetics

For a list of our current collaborative studies, visit our Research page.

In an effort to build a powerful, united collaborative effort, Simmaron Research has made a commitment to openly share our findings with the various scientific and medical communities so they can more effectively work together to identify the causes, biomarkers and potential treatments for CFS/ME patients.

Simmaron’s Laboratory

With a generous gift from the Neuro Immune Disease Alliance, Simmaron now houses the NIDA BioProcessing Centre laboratory, equipped with state-of-the-art devices enabling Simmaron to collect, process and archive human biological samples.

Our laboratory has the capacity to fractionate blood into various subcomponents including serum, plasma, and mononuclear cells. These archived biological samples will be made available for research studies which seek to elucidate the pathologic mechanisms underlying CFS/ME and other chronic neurologic and immunologic illnesses.