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Simmaron Powers Change in 2016!

  • Simmaron celebrates 5 year anniversary of strategic, game-changing research that is refocusing ME/CFS science on immunity
  • Dr. Daniel Peterson advises NIH on the NIH Clinical Center study of Post Infectious ME/CFS
  • Collaborating with Columbia University on a refined Phase 2 of our Spinal Fluid study, seeking in part to replicate the recent Naviaux finding of a hyopometabolic state similar to “dauer” or hibernation
  • Collaborating with Columbia on an exercise intolerance study
  • Completed year 4 of the large CDC multi-site clinical study
  • Pursuing data analysis of the effects of treatments among Dr. Peterson’s patients
  • Continuing Arthropod study to identify vector-borne pathogen exposure among patients and controls

Simmaron Powers Change in 2015!

  • Expanding research collaboration with Columbia University
  • Published Simmaron’s Signature Spinal Fluid Studies with Columbia University
  • Columbia publications contribute to renewal of NIH research program
  • Began Phase 2 of Columbia Spinal Fluid study
  • Extracted clinical data to document how Ampligen works in Dr. Peterson’s clinic
  • Completed our portion of Columbia Microbiome study
  • Completed our portion of Albany auto-immunity study
  • Completed year 3 of CDC multi-site clinical study

You Power Simmaron’s Results in 2014!

  • Secured partnership with Columbia University to run our Physician Fellowship, collaborating with Dr. Peterson to train doctors in ME/CFS
  • Hosted Immunology Panel at IACFS/ME Conference, which made immunological testing recommendations for the medical community
  • Simmaron’s Scientific Director won 2 NIH grants to study immune abnormalities in ME/CFS
  • Completed our part of CDC and Columbia study extensions
  • Presented at HHV6 Conference on Dr. Peterson’s experience using Vistide (cidofovir) for ME/CFS

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Invest in Simmaron’s Exciting Pilot Studies!

  •  CSF_diagramLuminex, Proteomic and Metabolomic Discovery in Cerebrospinal Fluid of Patients with CFS/ME, Phase 2: Begun in 2015, this 2-year study is phase 2 of the Columbia spinal fluid studies. Proteomics will be used for biomarker identification and metabolomics to study bacteria and fungi-produced chemicals that enter systemic circulation. Collaborators:  Columbia University and Sierra Internal Medicine.


  • Data Extraction Studies: Simmaron has unparalleled data from Dr. Peterson’s clinical experience monitoring immune testing and utilizing immune-based treatments. We seek funding to extract and statistically analyze clinical experience with treatments to publish data that will stimulate more clinical trials in ME/CFS. Collaborators:  Sierra Internal Medicine. Cost: $100,000 for 2016.

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