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Simmaron is raising funds for studies to scientifically redefine ME/CFS. 
Your contributions will expand our ability to execute the strong scientific leads we have.

Genomic and Functional Analysis of Immune Receptors: Part 1.

IL-1bIn this pilot study, Simmaron Research, under the lead of Dr. Isabel Barao, will determine whether genetic variations in the genes coding for immune receptors expressed by natural killer (NK) cells, macrophages and B cells, play a role in chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) risk and pathogenesis. This study will provide novel insights into the genetics and the immunological mechanisms underlying CFS, and can be highly relevant for diagnosis and development of new therapeutic interventions.

Collaborators: University of Nevada, Reno, National Cancer Institute (National Institute of Health), Sierra Internal Medicine. Cost: $75,000

Arthropod-Borne Disease in Post-Infectious Fatigue

Borrelia_burgdorferi_(CDC-PHIL_-6631)_loresSimmaron has been awarded access to samples from the NIH directed XMRV investigation to study the presence of antibodies to vector-borne pathogens in 293 highly characterized CFS/ME patients and controls. This study will assess the similarities and differences in exposure to multiple tick and mosquito-borne pathogens among this geographically diverse patient cohort, with the potential to aid in subsetting and identifying a role of infection in precipitating CFS/ME.

Collaborators:  Wisconsin Viral, Sierra Internal Medicine. Cost: $320,000

Assessment of the Prevalence of Clonal T-cell Receptor Gamma Gene Rearrangements in CFS Patients with Herpes Virus Infections

500px-1FYT_T-cell_receptor_and_HLA_class_II_complexSimmaron will assess the diagnostic and prognostic potential value of analyzing CFS/ME patients for T-cell receptor gamma clonality. As CFS/ME is associated with increased incidence of lymphoma and certain other cancers, this study will investigate the value of T-cell gene rearrangements in identifying a subset of patients who are at risk of developing cancer, for diagnostic and treatment purposes. Collaborators:  University of Nevada, Reno, Sierra Internal Medicine. Cost:  $152,000

Unique Opportunities – Simmaron is the only non-governmental investigator awarded samples from the NIH XMRV study to date! This unique opportunity must be funded to proceed, and we need your help.

Simmaron is also the only ME/CFS research organization in the US seeking to answer WHY ME/CFS patients have a higher incidence of cancer.

Donate as we scientifically redefine ME/CFS!

*Simmaron Research supports 10% indirect costs in funded projects.